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PDR Hail Repair

Your dedicated hail damage repair specialist with experience from several european countries

Hail damage to your vehicle can be devastating. Not only is it unexpected, but almost impossible to avoid if you are out on the road when a hail producing storm hits. Dentmark understands your situation and is fully equipped, experienced, and happy to help you through the dent repair process using the Paintless Dent Removal technique.

We are highly skilled and experienced hail repair technicians, waiting and ready to assist you in getting your car estimated and repaired to the highest standard in the fastest time possible.

Most insurance companies fear the outcome and are always looking for ways to save money in the aftermath with the costly repair processes involved in getting your car back on the road, and back to the way it used to be. If such a thing should happen, Dentmark can help!

We have repaired hail damage not only in the U.K but internationally. The most recent storm being in the Leicester area, with over 10,000 vehicles damaged. We are genuine well traveled hail specialists with proven experience in this kind of repair method. It pays to choose wisely when selecting your technician to remove this kind of damage.

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